My message is simple: Security must align with people.

I do talks for all kinds of audiences, taking perspectives from:

  • How people experience security in their daily lives and at work.
  • How technology can support people to do the right things.
  • How companies must be empathic about people and IT to be secure.
  • How people can save the day when technology fails.

Throughout this blog and on the page describing my professional experience, I share more background and insights on these matters.

If you are interested in having me talk at your conference or company event, please go ahead and contact me! I can also do workshops and courses for groups on request.

Upcoming events:

  • 4. October:
    Corporate event (internal), Oslo
  • 17. October:
    Corporate event (internal), Oslo
  • 17. November:
    Corporate event (internal)
    Oslo, Norway